Home Depot Products Every New Homeowner Needs

So, you just bought a house. Congratulations! If you haven’t moved yet, you’re probably wondering what moving day will be like. You’re smart to plan ahead, and we’re here to help.

The good news about homeownership is that you have time to settle into your new house and turn it into home. But on moving day, it’s wise to have a few essentials on-hand to make the process easier.

Here’s our list of top items every new homeowner should have around to make moving in easier. And the best part? They should all be available at Home Depot (or your favorite local hardware or department store).

Drill, Hammer, and Tool Box
Items every new homeowner needsOkay, so you don’t need every tool in the tool box on moving day, but you’ll thank yourself if you have the main essentials around. Which tools are the most bang for you buck? Focus on a drill, hammer and nails, and a box cutter to start.


Furniture Pads
Items every homeowner needsDon’t scuff up those pretty floors when you’re moving furniture around! Furniture pads are easy-to-apply pieces that stick onto the bottom of furniture to provide an important shield between that couch-you-love and those just-polished-floors.


Measuring Tape
Items every homeowner should ownYou remember that old adage – measure twice and cut once. Well, that requires that you have measuring tape on hand. If you’re a first time homeowner, prepare to fall in love with your measuring tape.


Flash Lights
Items every homeowner should ownWhile we can’t predict the future, it’s nearly certain that your electricity will go out at some point. Hide flashlights around key areas of your house so one is always close by when you need it. Don’t rely on your phone’s flashlight – if the electricity is out long enough, your phone battery will die (breathe – this hasn’t happened yet).

Step Ladder
From moving boxes around to hanging picture Items every homeowner needsframes, you’ll be happy you have a step ladder on hand to make everything within reach.



Toilet Plunger
Not fun, but super necessary. Enough said.

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
See above explanation 🙂

Duct Tape
When it doubt, duct tape it, right? Not really, but duct tape can help out in a pinch.

Trash Can and Trash Bags
One thing’s for sure – moving days means tons of trash. You’ll thank yourself for having a trash can and tons of trash bags around to manage everything. Pro tip: pack these items last so they’re one of the first you find when you (or your items) arrive at your destination!

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