10 Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do this Weekend for Under $100

Your house is most likely your biggest financial asset. So while upkeep, maintenance, and home improvement projects may seem like a total chore, you’re in fact taking steps towards maintaining and even increasing the value of your home. When you think of it like that, it sounds a lot better, right?

So where to begin? Here are 10 easy, do-it-yourself home improvement projects that you can do this weekend, all for under $100!

Top 10 DIY Home Projects for Under $100

Paint your front door
Curb appeal is real! Give your home a refreshed look while increasing your curb appeal by painting your front door. The options are nearly endless, but make sure you follow steps to prep your door – like sanding and priming old wooden doors – so this mini-makeover turns out great.

Check out this helpful step-by-step guide by Lowe’s on how to paint a door for your full game plan on how to paint your front door.

Add a welcoming doormat
Speaking of first impressions, adding a new welcome mat is a great way to spruce up your humble abode with little-to-no-effort. You can swap door mats out each year or even each season, so just choose one that makes you happy now and replace it for a quick refresh later.

Looking for inspiration? We love this happy yellow welcome mat from Target.

Kitchen mini-renovations
Ask any home improvement expert what’s the most impactful renovations you can do, and they’ll tell you the kitchen is queen.

But a total kitchen renovation will cost you far north of $100, so what can you do this weekend to give your kitchen a little spruce?

Consider installing a hanging pots and pans rack. We love this option because you’re freeing up precious cabinet storage space, making essential pieces more accessible, and introducing an eye-appealing piece — all with one project! This brushed chrome version from Crate and Barrel is a great option, but there are plenty of choices available to meet your look and budget.

Looking for a boozy spin? Overhead hanging glassware racks like this piece from Wayfair will instantly transform a space!

Pro-tip: make sure the hanging piece flows with your space well and is installed correctly. HGTV’s guide on how to hang a pot rack is a good place to start.

Turn your shower into a spaaaah
Install a new shower head in your master bathroom to create a luxurious escape. This minor update is a major win-win – you get to enjoy it now, and the easy DIY project gives more appeal to your house if you sell it in the future.

When shopping around for shower heads, consider features like water pressure, format (raindrop, handheld, etc.), and water conservation (less water = lower bills!).

Paint a room: you can do it
That pun was painful but painting a room isn’t! 🙂 A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest yet most visible improvements you can make to your home. With a can of paint, a few brushes, and a free afternoon, you can transform a room from ‘meh’ to ‘wow.’

Pops of color decor
Source: DecorDots.com

Stuck on which paint color to choose? Consider neutrals. It may sound like the safe choice, but it also gives you the most flexibility. Why? To start, neutrals appeal to the most people, so if you’re planning to sell your home in the future, re-painting is one less project you’ll have to take on.

Neutrals also act as a great foundation to build a room’s vibe around. Add a pop of color with a throw pillow or blanket, or let a statement painting set the tone. When mixed with neutral walls, these pieces can give a room personality while you maintain flexibility to switch it up easily.

Plant a tree
Okay, so this DIY project may come in over $100, but it’s a fun project for springtime to get you outside and add future value to your home!

Make sure you research what kind of trees will grow well where you live. A local garden shop or home improvement store should sell what you need and be able to provide advice on the right tree for you.

Bring the outdoors in with a Plant Display
Decorating with indoor air plantsWhat better time of year to bring the outdoors in? Spruce up a living room or home office with some vibrant greenery displayed in an eye-catching fashion.

Try displaying succulents or other low-maintenance greenery on wall-mounted plant brackets like Martha Stewart shows here.


Transform a room with mirrors
Pops of yellow bring room decor to lifeAdding a mirror to a room is an easy DIY home hack that can totally transform the feel of a room. Why’s that? A well-placed mirror can do wonders for expanding a room’s perceived size while also acting as a decor centerpiece.

In terms of home improvements, it doesn’t get much easier than adding a mirror to your space.

Install light dimmers
Create more ambiance in any room by installing light dimmers. Most light fixtures will work with standard light dimmers, making this a great home improvement project for all. For added bonus, light dimmers can also provide energy-saving benefits for your home.

Since you’ll be working with electricity, make sure you read up on safety tips and requirements before diving into this DIY project.

Replace your house numbers
Modernize your home with updated house numbers. These easy DIY project can be done over a weekend, transforming you from this-old-house to check-this-out easily. Check out a helpful how-to guide here.

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