Realtor Highlight: Sava, One Sun Properties, Takes a Customized Approach for First-Time Homebuyers in Seattle

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Sava Hruska, a real estate agent with One Sun Properties in Burien Washington, knows that getting an offer accepted in a highly competitive market takes a customized approach.

Sava recently worked with a couple who submitted offer after offer without anything going through. With their patience starting to wane, Sava suggested the couple use Loftium to strengthen their offer so they could get into their first home.

Read on to hear about why Sava suggested Loftium to her buyers and how their Airbnb hosting is going now.

Loftium: Tell us about your background in real estate, and your approach in the Puget Sound market, which is becoming increasingly competitive.
Sava: I have always had a passion for real estate in general, even long before becoming a licensed real estate broker. Previously I worked in property management and even still own my own Property Management firm called Dukat Management.

Housing is one of the most essential needs for all of us, so getting to help people with something so essential and so important – it’s a privilege.

I work for One Sun Properties, a smaller real estate brokerage firm in Burien, and being smaller, it truly enables me to better connect with my clients in an unhurried, more personalized manner.

In this increasingly competitive market, I tailor my knowledge and expertise to each client’s unique needs and desires because no two clients are the same. I try to be efficient and bring transparency and patience through the steps, turning an intimidating process into a successful home story.

Love that approach! So, how did you hear about Loftium?
I heard about Loftium through another real estate agent and was immediately intrigued by the concept and looked into the company right away.

What was your first reaction to Loftium when you heard about it?
I thought it was a very interesting concept. Until I learned about it more, I was skeptical because it was new. Just like anything new, you’re not really sure about it.

Then one of my husband’s co-workers was looking to buy a house, and they mentioned they were interested in using Loftium. I had just learned about Loftium’s program and did not expect that I would be working with buyers that were utilizing Loftium so soon.

You helped a couple buy their first home using Loftium. Tell us about that process. How did they learn about Loftium? What reservations, if any, did they have about using Loftium?
Yes, helping a young couple get into their first home is the greatest feeling.

Erik and Rafaela had many offers go unaccepted with other agents. They were being rejected left and right. I said, “Listen, I’ve learned about Loftium. I know what this means. Why don’t I help you out and see how I can make this happen for you?”

They had heard about Loftium through one of their lenders. I was so excited because I thought Loftium was such a great way to get into a home without having the down payment.

They were concerned that maybe Loftium was holding them back. It really came down to understanding the program, working together as a team fully committed, and pushing through.

In what ways were your homebuyers worried about Loftium holding them back? What was the realization that changed their perspective?
I think it was the nature of the highly competitive market. They were up against buyers who were willing to put in even higher down payments than they could afford with Loftium. So it’s just finding the house with the right combination that works.

Why do you think they ultimately decided to use Loftium?
They had been renting a two bedroom in SeaTac for a long time. Their rent had gone up increasingly each year. I think running the numbers and seeing they could buy their own home while possibly paying less renting a house while living more comfortable – it just made more financial sense, even though they didn’t have the down payment. [That’s] where Loftium came in to bridge the gap.

They have a great house with a backyard, mother-in-law unit, and have started Airbnb hosting. How are they feeling about their situation now?
I think they could not be any happier. I went to their housewarming party, and just to see what Loftium had done to setup the rooms was great. They seem super happy.

I’m happy we were able to find something with the separation of spaces so they can be doing this without having any privacy concerns. It’s the perfect situation for them.

What was your favorite part of working with Loftium?
The process seemed so seamless. [Loftium] worked very closely and enthusiastically with the buyers and were always there to offer help.

How are you using Loftium with other clients?
I tell everybody about Loftium. While there are many other down payment assistance programs out there, many of the buyer either don’t qualify or the programs come with too many strings attached. Whereas with Loftium, they get into a home sooner than they could, and after [their contract with Loftium ends], they can continue to Airbnb for the income stream.

For first time home buyers, what advice would you share?
Don’t give up! [laughs]

The truth is, it is a very competitive market. But with the right team in place, there is a house for everyone. First, don’t let lack of downpayment keep you from becoming a homeowner. Let’s use a program like Loftium to help you. My advice is to be consistent, fully committed and don’t give up. Leave the rest to your Loftium team, your lender, and your agent.

Sava can be reached at  or (206) 850-4149.

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