Airbnb Hosting Made Easy with Loftium

From providing the most competitive pricing on the market to delivering supplies straight to your door, Loftium streamlines your hosting experience making it lightweight and easy.

And best of all, our services and supplies are included, at no additional cost. It’s a package deal: get a down payment and hosting support when you buy a home with Loftium.

Automated Messaging

Airbnb hosts often say the most time consuming part of hosting is communicating with each guest. And oftentimes, guests ask the same questions again and again: What’s the WiFi password? Where do I park? What time is checkout? As a host, you start to feel like a broken record.

That’s where Loftium saves the day, putting that record on repeat with automated messaging. Loftium automates your guest communication, saving you valuable time and helping guests get the information they need for a comfortable stay. You even get to customize your message templates so they look and sound like just like you. And when information changes, you can update your messages, instantly.

Optimized Pricing

Pricing your Airbnb listing to maximize your income can be a full-time job. Updating prices daily to compete with comparable listings, knowing how to price for nearby events, understanding guest booking trends and knowing the impacts of seasonality requires research and time to get it right.

Put Loftium’s automated pricing engine to work instead. Our algorithm ensures your prices are competitive so you can sit back and relax.

Keyless checkin & checkout

Forget coordinating with guests to hand over the keys or worrying they forgot to lock up. We provide an automated keypad for your door and send it directly to you. Program a code for your guests to enter, let it automatically lock when they leave. Guests love it, too. There’s no need to coordinate after a flight is delayed or a movie runs too late. Checkin and checkout are a breeze.

Shipment of Supplies

Loftium helps you get your Airbnb set up and ready to go. Linens, furnishings and toiletries get shipped straight to your door. And we’ve done our homework to select the best Airbnb supplies, so you don’t have to. From durable sheets to fluffy pillows, Loftium knows what will make your guests happy and make your listing shine.

Resources & Expertise

Above all, we’re here to help you and your listing shine. With our resources and expertise you get hosting best practices to create a world-class Airbnb that’s automated and easy. Loftium’s your co-host all the way.

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