A Pastime, Not a Part-Time Job. 15 Minute Hosting.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle to be a great host – in fact, we’ve gotten our process down to what we like to call “15 Minute Hosting.” With the help of Loftium’s supply starter package, automated messages, keypad and pricing, hosting is extra easy.
15 Minute Per Week Easy Hosting
Let’s break down how a week of hosting translates into only 15 minutes spent coordinating two guests (the typical number of reservations we get each week).
Communication – 0 to 3 minutes
With automated messaging, communication is a snap! Just set up a single message for check-in and check-out. You’ll do this once- that’s it. Our software will automatically send a welcome message when someone books your listing with details about check-in, same goes for check-out. The only time when you’ll have to email, message or call a guest is if a specific issue or question crops up – or if you want to see how their stay is going. Pretty cool, right?
Keypad – 0 minutes
An automated keypad, which unlocks your door with an access code, saves precious time. Include the passcode in your welcome message so guests can come and go as they please. The keypad also means less stress: no lost keys, no lock-outs, no waiting around for guests to arrive.
Cleaning – 0 to 5 minutes*
Hiring a cleaner is a great way to save time and energy, all you have to do is schedule them when you get a new booking – we do so with a text or email calendar invite. On-going cleaning is a breeze because the room is regularly cleaned between guests.
*You can also choose to clean yourself and pocket the cleaning fee, but it does take more time each week.
Socializing – 0 to 5 minutes
For the most part, guests want to be out exploring your area. They don’t tend to lounge around your home demanding your attention. Sometimes you’ll make small talk, other times you’ll get engaged in conversation, but you’ll likely discover that guests keep to themselves.
Setting Up the Listing and Your Expectations for Success
Our secret to getting our hosting activities down to 15 minutes a week? We set ourselves up for success by doing a little work upfront both in our homes and on our Airbnb listings page.
These two steps are super important:
  1. Prepare the room so that it’s inviting and includes the right amenities. Loftium provides towels, bedding, a hair dryer, hangers, and bathroom products to get you started. Putting extra towels out means one less text message for you to respond to. If guests are happy, you’re happy!
  2. Setting your expectations for guests is just as important as setting up the room they’ll stay in.  Guests choose homes based on the listing description, the “House Rules,” and the level of host interaction to expect. Make sure you are clear about what staying in your home is actually like, what you expect of them (no shoes inside, please!), and what they can expect from you as a host (super involved vs. hands-off). This will set both you and your guest up for a successful stay.
Snapshot of a Typical Week
To give you a more holistic look, here’s a little sample of one of our most recent weeks (we’re hosts, too!):
Alex checked in on Sunday evening for three nights. Using the keypad, she let herself in while we were out to dinner. We were at work for the majority of her stay but crossed paths a few times and she was super friendly.
Alex checked out and left at noon. While we’re at work, the cleaner came at 12:30 PM and cleaned the bedroom & bathroom. We sent a text to our cleaner the prior week to arrange for a cleaning at check-out. He knows the keypad code and has a “to-do” list to work from.
The next guest, Sam, checked in at 3:00 PM, while we were at work, using the keypad to let herself in. She stayed through the following Sunday. We didn’t see her during her stay, she was visiting her mom.
Alex checked out at noon, the cleaner came at 12:15PM.
​Generally, you’ll only have 1-2 reservations per week as most guests only stay 2-3 nights in a row. Sometimes you’ll have a 1-2 week reservation, and that’s even less work! Or you’ll have weeks with no guests at all.
If you have 15 minutes to spare each week you can create seamless guest experiences without rearranging your life. Simple tools, resources and a bit of planning make hosting easy. Clearly communicating your expectations, setting up automatic messaging and installing a keypad minimizes your weekly hosting commitment. Beyond that, the majority of your time as a host is spent scheduling cleaners (or cleaning yourself) and responding to the occasional question.
That’s it! Happy hosting!
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