Loftium homebuying plan

Loftium is here to help you create a custom plan of action. We’ll start with the checklist below and customize it based on your budget, timeline and home preferences. If you’re buying a primary residence in Seattle and would like to meet with us, let us know


Become eligible for a Loftium down payment

1 – 2 Weeks

  • Fill out your hosting preferences
  • Background check
  • Get preapproved (more below)
Find the right real estate agent

1 – 2 Weeks

  • Do you need cash back to cover closing costs?
  • Do you want a hands-on agent (send you homes, give you advice on tours, etc)?
  • Have each potential agent show you a home and make sure you feel comfortable with their advice
  • Decide on an agent to represent you
Get pre-approved for a mortgage

1 – 3 Weeks

  • Get all documents ready (See doc checklist)
  • Click “Get pre-approved” on Loftium’s site or we’ll intro you to a loan officer
  • Meet with your loan officer to learn about your personal pre-approval
  • Submit application + all documents
  • Get your pre-approval letter and send to Loftium
Find your home

6 – 12 Weeks

  • What’s the max home price you can afford?
  • What are your target neighborhoods based on budget and preferences?
  • Go to a few open houses and walk around the neighborhood
  • Get Loftium quotes on homes you love
  • Submit home offer(s)
Close and move in

30 days

  • Get the keys and get settled in!

Total Average time to buy in Seattle:

3 – 4 months

Want to sit down and have a one-on-one meeting with the Loftium team to help create your own plan of action for buying a Seattle home? Schedule a time with us, we’d love to meet. 

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