Super efficient cleaning – getting it done in under an hour

After hosting for a period of time we’ve narrowed down our cleaning to-do list so it’s as easy and efficient as possible. We even provide quick-drying linens to reduce the amount of time spent waiting next to the dryer. Should you decide to hire a cleaner, this is a great resource for onboarding them to your Airbnb, too.

Here is our cleaning run-down after a guest checks-out and takes under one hour.

  1. Remove the used linens & toss in washer on fastest setting.Linens to launder: sheets, pillowcases, duvet/comforter cover and towels.  
  2. Put clean linens out while the washer runs the dirty ones.  You don’t have to wait for the washing to finish Loftium because sends you 3 sets of linens – you’ll always have a clean set ready to go!
  3. Vacuum the guest room, bathroom and common areas.
  4. Move the finished, wet sheets and towels to the dryer and run “Quick Dry” dry cycle.
  5. Wipe down the bathroom counter, toilet and shower.
  6. Check bathroom toiletries for fullness, replace/refill anything that’s running low.
  7. Take the bedroom and bathroom trash out.
  8. Take the dry sheets and towels out of the dryer, fold and place them in the closet.


Once a month, we recommend a deep cleaning of the bathroom and bedroom. Given you’re doing the above between guests the monthly “deep clean” should be super easy.

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