Loftium is launched to help with your down payment!

We are so excited to introduce you to Loftium! Loftium provides you with down payment funds in exchange for a share of future Airbnb income. Homebuyers who need Loftium’s down payment help simply agree to rent out a spare bedroom and split the income with us for 12-36 months after buying their new home.

What inspired us to create Loftium? Our team is comprised of millennial first-time and soon-to-be homebuyers who have personally struggled with the down payment, especially in our home city of Seattle. This isn’t a local problem – for over two thirds of renters around the country, the down payment is the biggest hurdle to owning a home.1 We understand intimately the difficulty of saving tens of thousands of dollars in the face of skyrocketing rent and student loan payments. We know not everyone has access to parental down payment gifts, and we feel strongly that this shouldn’t determine who rents and who buys. More than anything, we believe that with an entrepreneurial attitude and Loftium’s help, anyone can tap into the income potential of spare rooms to become a homeowner.

Loftium is working with Umpqua Bank to bring our down payments to Seattle homebuyers.  If you’re looking to buy a primary residence home (not an investment property) in Seattle, Loftium can offer up to $50,000 (not to exceed 10% down) on a conventional Fannie Mae mortgage.2  Best of all, Loftium does not have income limits or home price restrictions.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the home, qualify for the loan amount with Umpqua Bank, and put at least 1% toward the down payment.
  • Loftium will estimate the income potential of renting the home’s spare bedroom on Airbnb and will then offer a lump-sum prepayment to use toward the remaining down payment.
  • In exchange, you’ll be required to list a bedroom(s) on Airbnb and manage the rental process for a fixed period of time, ranging 12-36 months.

Benefits to the homebuyer:

  • Only 1% down payment is required by the homebuyer.3
  • Homebuyer will receive approximately 10%-40% of the Airbnb income each month.4
  • Loftium provides a starter supply kit, software, pricing and support to kick off your Airbnb hosting!

This down payment assistance is not a loan, financing, or other extension of credit to the purchaser. The homebuyer must still meet the lending requirements of Umpqua Bank.

Sign up at to claim one of our first 50 Seattle down payments available this fall!

Have questions?  Come to the Loftium Twitter chat/party from 6-7 PM on 9/19 – join the conversation using #LoftiumLaunch or just join this chatroom.  We’ll be chatting about Loftium and how to afford a home in expensive cities, and giving away prizes to participants!

In Seattle and want to party?  We invite you to come to our Homebuyer Launch Party on Thursday Sept 21 from 6:30-9pm. Meet the Loftium team and receive goodies and prizes, including $100 Airbnb gift cards!

A huge thanks to our investors at DFJ, Founder’s Co-op, Nextview and WTI for believing in our ambitious vision to make home ownership accessible.

Eligible properties must be within Seattle city limits and within the home loan limits as defined by Fannie Mae.

3 Homebuyers may also need to cover closing costs for a home purchase.

Expected income received from the Airbnb rental will not be included in the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio/ loan qualification

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