I Have No Idea How to Buy A House – A Lifelong Renter’s Perspective

I’ve wanted to own my own home for as long as I can remember. As a long-time renter, more than anything, I want freedom from landlords, the ability to control my space and the tangibility of owning a home- having a place to call my own is a kind of a dream.


There’s just something indescribable about being able to point at a house and say, “that’s mine!”


But buying my first home feels daunting and super scary.  It’s an overwhelming mystery. On the scale of life mysteries, homebuying is somewhere between setting up my wireless router and understanding quantum physics (see official mystery scale below):

At some point, though, you decide to tackle the big, scary thing and then it’s not a mystery anymore. It just becomes one of those things you’ve done before, like taking the bus. At first, the new bus route made you feel super anxious – you looked it up in advance, planned your route and hoped you wouldn’t mess it up, but then you got where you were going.


If buying a house is your goal, how do you get from “where do I even begin?” to “I’m ready to buy a home!” without waiting 10 years?


The same way you learned to make a pot of coffee (some of us are still learning) or plan a big trip: one step at a time.


Here’s my personal plan to get going:
  1. Stop overthinking it. People buy houses all the time, if they can do it so can I!
  2. Break it into smaller pieces. That post here.
  3. Get started!
And if you’re in this same spot too, I’m happy you’re here! There will be some highs and lows, but we’re in this together. So let’s stay in touch, keep motivating each other, and when we buy that first house, we can triumphantly slide buying a house down the mystery scale to the left of hiccups (they’re so mysterious!).
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