Pro-Tips For Hosting a Room in Your Home

Hosting a room in your home is a little different than listing an entire space – you are sharing it with your guests, after all. Here are some great ways to make your listing a hit with guests and and a breeze for you.

Create your welcome basket

Stock it with snacks, water, bath/spa supplies, and any other treats you want to include. Local products are always a hit! You can create an Amazon dash button to resupply or buy items in bulk – this will make it easy for you to replenish in a snap!

Make a printed guide to your home

It’s so helpful for guests to have the information right in front of them – they’ll appreciate not having to look up an email or text. necessary. Put the following in your guide:
  • WiFi password
  • Your phone number
  • Check-out reminders
  • Any quirks about your home like: “The shower will take a second to warm up”
  • Tips on what to do in the neighborhood.
  • Expectations: Because your home is shared, this is super important. In a friendly way, let them know your expectations for their stay e.g. “Guests can feel free to use my lovely kitchen, but not my studio. Thanks!”
  • Anything else you want to highlight
We recommend putting this info in a binder with page protectors so you don’t have to worry about replacing paper as it gets worn out.

Set up a beverage station in the bedroom

Guests will likely want coffee and tea in the morning, and they may prefer to drink it in the privacy of their bedroom as they wake up and get ready for the day. It can be as simple as an electric kettle with instant coffee, tea, and packaged creamer.

Provide hotel-like amenities

Two bathrobes, a luggage stand, a surge protector and a blow dryer make a big difference to your guests. They don’t have to be expensive to make your guests happy and your listing stand out.

Automate anything you can

This includes the check-in and check-out process, use automated messaging and a keypad on the door so guests can come and go as they please. It also doesn’t hurt to set-up an auto “How’s your stay going” message so that guests feel you’re being proactive in your communication.

Ask to be reviewed

For Loftium customers, this will be auto generated (woo hoo!). But it’s important to point out that reviews are Reviews are so important to the success of your Airbnb – both so you can get more bookings and so you can improve. If you let them know that it’s super important to you, and personalize your message, they’ll like review you.

Apologize when things don’t go perfectly

Inevitably, something less than ideal will happen- you may forget to schedule a cleaner and the guest room isn’t ready upon arrival. These things happen! Thank the guest for telling you what happened or for their patience, and apologize for the trouble. It’s amazing how far “thank you” and “I’m so sorry” go.

Have fun!

Make hosting fun by making it your own: add coloring books to the room, host a dinner occasionally, put a map in the room for guests to mark where they travelled from or start a book exchange. Whatever makes hosting fun for you will make it enjoyable long term.


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