What Makes a Great Loftium Home?

We get asked this question a lot, and honestly, the most important thing is – do you love the home? You’ll be living in it, so that’s what’s most important. Beyond that, here are a few things that can help guide you if you’re curious about what to look for during the home search.
You’ll Need Your Space
Picking a home that gives you – the host – a little privacy will make a big difference. You don’t need a large home to accomplish this, a good layout with separation between bedrooms or having multiple stories will do the trick.
Two Bathrooms, Ideally
If you can afford a second bathroom – even a powder room – you and your guests will be grateful. It’s not a requirement, by any means, but it does help your listing and gives you a bathroom to yourself.
Guests Need a Good Place to Rest Their Heads
It’s important to pick a bedroom that meets Loftium’s minimum requirements. You’ll also want to pick a cozy spot that’s desirable for your guests.
What to look for in a guest bedroom:
  • Ready-to-Rent: You’ll be expected to rent within 30 days after move-in, so if you have cosmetic or minor repairs to do, make sure you can make these fixes in time. No major construction should be required.
  • A Real Bedroom: The bedroom must be exactly that, a bedroom. It can’t be an alcove and must have a window and door.
  • Good Size:  The bedroom should be large enough to comfortably fit: a queen sized bed, small desk/table with a chair, a small bedside table w/lamp, space for guest luggage/storage.
  • Proximity to Bathroom: Guests (and you) will feel more comfortable if they can get to and from the bathroom easily.
  • Location in Home: Just like your home location, the location of the room inside the home matters, too. Preferably, the bedroom is easily accessible and not in a basement, but that’s not a rule by any means. A modern, daylight basement can make a beautiful guest space.
All homes are different and guests expect that
Guests love staying in unique spots, so don’t stress too much. If you follow the guidelines above, you’ll likely know a good home when you see it. And the number one requirement – do you love it?
As always, if you have any questions, reach out to the Loftium team! We’re here to help.
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