Realtor Highlight: Sava, One Sun Properties, Takes a Customized Approach for First-Time Homebuyers in Seattle

Sava Hruska, a real estate agent with One Sun Properties in Burien Washington, knows that getting an offer accepted in a highly competitive market takes a customized approach.

Sava recently worked with a couple who submitted offer after offer without anything going through. With their patience starting to wane, Sava suggested the couple use Loftium to strengthen their offer so they could get into their first home.

Read on to hear about why Sava suggested Loftium to her buyers and how their Airbnb hosting is going now.

Loftium: Tell us about your background in real estate, and your approach in the Puget Sound market, which is becoming increasingly competitive.
Sava: I have always had a passion for real estate in general, even long before before becoming a licensed real estate broker. Previously I worked in property management and even still own my own Property Management firm called Dukat Management.

Housing is one of the most essential needs for all of us, so getting to help people with something so essential and so important – it’s a privilege.

I work for One Sun Properties, a smaller real estate brokerage firm in Burien, and being smaller, it truly enables me to better connect with my clients in an unhurried, more personalized manner.

In this increasingly competitive market, I tailor my knowledge and expertise to each client’s unique needs and desires because no two clients are the same. I try to be efficient and bring transparency and patience through the steps, turning an intimidating process into a successful home story.

Love that approach! So, how did you hear about Loftium?
I heard about Loftium through another real estate agent and was immediately intrigued by the concept and looked into the company right away.

What was your first reaction to Loftium when you heard about it?
I thought it was a very interesting concept. Until I learned about it more, I was skeptical because it was new. Just like anything new, you’re not really sure about it.

Then one of my husband’s co-workers was looking to buy a house, and they mentioned they were interested in using Loftium. I had just learned about Loftium’s program and did not expect that I would be working with buyers that were utilizing Loftium so soon.

You helped a couple buy their first home using Loftium. Tell us about that process. How did they learn about Loftium? What reservations, if any, did they have about using Loftium?
Yes, helping a young couple get into their first home is the greatest feeling.

Erik and Rafaela had many offers go unaccepted with other agents. They were being rejected left and right. I said, “Listen, I’ve learned about Loftium. I know what this means. Why don’t I help you out and see how I can make this happen for you?”

They had heard about Loftium through one of their lenders. I was so excited because I thought Loftium was such a great way to get into a home without having the down payment.

They were concerned that maybe Loftium was holding them back. It really came down to understanding the program, working together as a team fully committed, and pushing through.

In what ways were your homebuyers worried about Loftium holding them back? What was the realization that changed their perspective?
I think it was the nature of the highly competitive market. They were up against buyers who were willing to put in even higher down payments than they could afford with Loftium. So it’s just finding the house with the right combination that works.

Why do you think they ultimately decided to use Loftium?
They had been renting a two bedroom in SeaTac for a long time. Their rent had gone up increasingly each year. I think running the numbers and seeing they could buy their own home while possibly paying less renting a house while living more comfortable – it just made more financial sense, even though they didn’t have the down payment. [That’s] where Loftium came in to bridge the gap.

They have a great house with a backyard, mother-in-law unit, and have started Airbnb hosting. How are they feeling about their situation now?
I think they could not be any happier. I went to their housewarming party, and just to see what Loftium had done to setup the rooms was great. They seem super happy.

I’m happy we were able to find something with the separation of spaces so they can be doing this without having any privacy concerns. It’s the perfect situation for them.

What was your favorite part of working with Loftium?
The process seemed so seamless. [Loftium] worked very closely and enthusiastically with the buyers and were alway there to offer help.

How are you using Loftium with other clients?
I tell everybody about Loftium. While there are many other down payment assistance programs out there, many of the buyer either don’t qualify or the programs come with too many strings attached. Whereas with Loftium, they get into a home sooner than they could, and after [their contract with Loftium ends], they can continue to Airbnb for the income stream.

For first time home buyers, what advice would you share?
Don’t give up! [laughs]

The truth is, it is a very competitive market. But with the right team in place, there is a house for everyone. First, don’t let lack of downpayment keep you from becoming a homeowner. Let’s use a program like Loftium to help you. My advice is to be consistent, fully committed and don’t give up. Leave the rest to your Loftium team, your lender, and your agent.

Sava can be reached at  or (206) 850-4149.

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Realtor Highlight: Carla & Kale, Keller Williams, Use Loftium to get Buyers into the Seattle Market

Carla Clark and Kale Corey of The Results Team at KW went from skeptical to true fans after helping first-time homebuyers Mike and Kacie get in the Seattle market using Loftium’s down payment.  Now they’re working with multiple buyers who see Loftium as the leverage they need beyond a wait and save approach to home-buying. Here’s how Loftium went from being “mysterious” to actually simplify the financing process.

Loftium CEO Yifan Zhang spoke with The Results Team to get the full story.

Yifan (YZ): Your team has extensive experience in real estate. Can you share a bit more about your background and approach?

The Results Team (RT): The Results Team is made up of 7 of us at the moment. What we believe is that purchasing a home is one of the most stressful decisions you’ll make. But it doesn’t have to be. We work toward understanding what our clients need and being able to walk them through the process, and that takes away the apprehension.

Our team has represented over 1000 families, practicing real estate for over 20 years.

YZ: How did you hear about Loftium initially?

RT: We heard about it through Mike and Kacie, who said they saw [Loftium] scrolling through Instagram. So we were super skeptical!

YZ: I bet! What were some of those concerns, besides the Instagram part?

RT: With many down payment programs, everybody’s first thought is: “What’s the catch?” A lot of lenders offer down payment assistance but they raise the interest rate or just hide the cost in fees the consumer doesn’t understand. We often say, “If it seems too good to be true, I’d be nervous.”

The biggest concerns were a) How transparent will this process be, and 2) How will any lenders wrap their minds around this.

Kacie and Mike and everyone on our team involved with Loftium and Dulcie felt like you were additional team members. We were extending ourselves with the same goal of benefiting Mike and Kacie.

YZ: What alleviated these concerns for you about Loftium?

RT: The transparency concern was immediately gone – Mike was able to go in and talk with a human being, which was very helpful in alleviating fears. The other piece was solved because you already had the relationship with the lender [Umpqua Bank].

I honestly expected that we were going to have to have two lenders going through this. Two different parties with different agendas, asking different questions, different documentation. But it did not turn out to be a problem at all. Loftium and Dulcie [Patner of Umpqua] were so in sync, it actually simplified the financing process.

Everything [Dulcie] said she would do she did, and all timelines were met. A couple of instances we thought “this is where it’s going to get tricky”, and it never did.

YZ: What was that tricky moment and what was the process like working with Loftium and Umpqua?

RT: There was a term in our contract that was not a standard term. Mike and Kacie needed to be able to prove that they had the funds 10 days before closing. This was a relatively new process for Loftium but it wasn’t a problem at all. Mike made a call, [Loftium] made it happen, within a day we had funds sitting in title and escrow. It turned out to be easy.

YZ: What was your favorite part of working with Loftium?

From the consumer perspective, [real estate] is a business that people forget the end result is always the satisfaction of the client. Kacie and Mike and everyone on our team involved with Loftium and Dulcie felt like you were additional team members. We were extending ourselves with the same goal of benefiting [Mike and Kacie]. That doesn’t happen as often as it should.

We’d all like to believe that if we just practice discipline and save, we’ll make a better investment.  The truth is over time it is almost impossible for an average person to save at a level that puts them ahead of the increasing market.

YZ: Why do you think your clients wanted to use Loftium, and how are they feeling now?

RT: For Mike and Kacie, trying to maximize their buying potentials given interest rates and in geographic area and trying to make numbers work, they either have to pay significantly more or get less house. [Loftium] enabled them to take current rates and get exactly what they were looking for in their desired area. For them as an amazing byproduct, they’re only a month in but every conversation we have with them, Kacie tells us how much she’s enjoying the process of being a host and a homeowner.

YZ: Do you think Loftium would apply for other clients too?

RT: We often have conversations with buyers, especially younger ones, who because of prices of homes going up, it’s hard to have a conversation when they don’t have a down payment but understand that time is of the essence. It’s hard to not have a good option for them.

We’d all like to believe that if we just practice discipline and save, we’ll make a better investment.  The truth is over time it is almost impossible for an average person to save at a level that puts them ahead of the increasing market.  We’ve run the numbers over and over but where and what they want to buy is often out of reach.  Saving does not give them enough leverage.

It’s a net zero at best, wait for 3 years and end up at the same spot.  Most of the time you have less buying power after waiting.

Loftium for Mike and Kacie provided that leverage. It made them feel like the deck was stacked in their favor this time.

YZ: How are you using Loftium now for your clients?

RT: We’re talking about it a lot right now. It’s an opportunity to touch point, and very early on in the conversation there doesn’t exist other opportunities to do so. This is a real opportunity for people who don’t see Airbnb as a burden – This is free money to them. It’s a very different conversation than trading off rates vs down payments. Everyone is very interested in the idea because it feels very different, fresh, hip.

There a generation that has the desire to live in the city and it’s getting expensive. A lot of people buy a house and don’t use half of it so why not just use it. We’re working with 2 other buyers using Loftium now.

Questions? Reach out to The Results Team at or (206) 437-8341
Sign up for Loftium at

Loftium is now launched in Greater Seattle to help with your down payment!

We are so excited to introduce all of Greater Seattle to Loftium! Loftium provides you with down payment funds in exchange for a share of future Airbnb income. Homebuyers who need Loftium’s down payment help simply agree to rent out a spare bedroom and split the income with us for 12-36 months after buying their new home.

Loftium has been working with Umpqua Bank to bring our down payments to Seattle homebuyers, and we are excited to continue that work from Everett and Lynnwood in the North to Tacoma, Puyallup in the South to Redmond, Bothell, and Snoqualmie in the East.  If you’re looking to buy a primary residence home (not an investment property) in Greater Seattle, Loftium can offer up to $50,000 (not to exceed 10% down) on a conventional mortgage. Best of all, Loftium does not have income limits or home price restrictions.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the home, qualify for the loan amount with Umpqua Bank, and put at least 1% toward the down payment.
  • Loftium will estimate the income potential of renting the home’s spare bedroom on Airbnb and will then offer a lump-sum prepayment to use toward the remaining down payment.
  • In exchange, you’ll be required to list a bedroom(s) on Airbnb and manage the rental process for a fixed period of time, ranging 12-36 months.

Benefits to the homebuyer:

  • Only 1% down payment is required by the homebuyer.
  • Homebuyer will receive approximately 10%-40% of the Airbnb income each month.
  • Loftium provides a starter supply kit, software, pricing and support in kickstarting your Airbnb hosting!

This down payment assistance is not a loan, financing, or other extension of credit to the purchaser. The homebuyer must still meet the lending requirements of Umpqua Bank.

Sign up at to see your down payment offer! 

Have questions? Send us an email at or call/text us at 844-LOFTIUM.